To provide individuals with highly skilled professional training aimed towards becoming competent in the local, national, cross-border and international spheres, through the development of critical-analytical, creative, collaborative, and entrepreneurial thinking, as well as a global vision and the capability to transform their environment in compliance with institutional values. Correspondingly, UABC seeks the promotion, production, and dissemination of knowledge to contribute to sustainable development, the progress of science, technology, humanities, art and innovation, as well as the increase of the quality of life in Baja California and the country.


In 2030, the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC) is widely recognized in the national and international context for being a socially responsible institution which contributes with opportunity, equity, relevance, and the best quality standards, to the increase of the quality of life in Baja California and Mexico, as well as the innovation, production, and dissemination of knowledge, science, culture and art.

Institutional policiesObjetive
1. Quality and Relevance of Educational ProgramsEnsure the quality of undergraduate and graduate education, adapting it to the demands of the public, private and social sectors, as well as the institutional project.
2. Educational ProcessStrengthen the comprehensive training of students and their academic careers, from their admission to the successful completion of their studies, aimed towards training professionals competent in the alleviation of issues within their professional fields.
3. Research, Development and InnovationProduce and disseminate knowledge in the various disciplinary fields which contribute to regional, national and international development.
4. Outreach and Liaison Contribute to regional and national development through the collaboration with public, private and social sectors, based on the dissemination of scientific, humanistic and technological knowledge, as well as culture, art, and sports.
5. InternationalizationProvide relevance to the university in the international context through the development and consolidation of its fundamental functions.
6. Academic DevelopmentConsolidate the academic staff by recognizing the diversity of their academic and teaching careers.
7. Digital CultureImplement the digital culture into the fundamental and administrative functions of the university, throughout collaboration schemes and the use of digital technologies.
8. Communication and Institutional IdentityInform the institutional community, and society in general, about the activities and contributions made by the institution to the development of the state and the country, as well as preserve their sense of belonging to the UABC.
9. Infrastructure, Equipment and SecurityStrengthen the physical and technological infrastructure, equipment, and security to ensure the fulfillment of the fundamental and administrative functions of the university.
10. Organization and Administrative ManagementPromote efficient and effective management which ensures the fulfillment of the fundamental functions of the university.
11. Environmental CarePromote a culture of respect and environmental protection among the community, through a sustainable development approach.
12. University Governance and AccountabilityPromote internal and external collaboration needed for the effective development of the fundamental functions of the university, in compliance with institutional values and the principles of accountability.
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