Contribute to the inclusive and sustainable development and well-being of Baja Californian society, the nation and the planet, through the comprehensive training of professionals, researchers and citizens committed to a democratic culture; as well as the generation and diffusion of culture, knowledge and technologies.


In 2040, the UABC is a leading and innovative university with national and global recognition for being a transforming agent of social progress that contributes to the full realization of the human being, to inclusive and sustainable development, to the deepening of democracy and to the social justice through undergraduate, postgraduate and lifelong training, and its scientific, technological and cultural advances.

Institutional priorityObjetive
1. Comprehensive, flexible and lifelong learningProvide comprehensive, flexible and excellent learning in undergraduate, postgraduate and lifelong learning programs.
2. Research and innovationExpand knowledge and generate innovative solutions through research —particularly interdisciplinary— to face the local and global challenges of humanity and the planet.
3. Well-being of the university communityContribute to the well-being of the university community with equity, inclusion and respect for diversity.
4. Regional development and internationalizationStrengthen linking and extension activities that contribute to social, cultural, economic and environmental development at the regional, national, cross-border and global levels for a better world.
5. Management and financingImplement a timely, flexible, transparent and sustainable management that provides support and ensures the financing of the substantive functions of the university.
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